Is Dallas, Texas a Football Town or Basketball Town?

Dallas, Texas is a city known for big hats and big business, but it’s also known as a city with a lot of sports to watch. Players take fields of action across a number of sports at amateur, collegiate, and professional levels. Even in the professional realm, sports fans can support teams and franchises that are both minor and major league.

Two franchises dominate the sports scene in particular here. The Dallas Cowboys of the NFL, and the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA. Both franchises have seen spectacular success on their field or court of play, and it begs the question, is Dallas a football town or a basketball town?

The Mavericks have certainly made a name for themselves. Owner Mark Cuban is one of the most-famous billionaires in the world for his outspoken opinions and time on television, but he’s also endeared himself to fans too. The drafting of Dirk Nowitzki lead to two trips to the NBA Finals, with one resulting in a championship. Dirk wound up inspiring a whole generation of European players to consider coming to America to play in the NBA instead of staying on the continent.

Having said that, the one ring the Mavericks have does trail the two the Houston Rockets have and the five the San Antonio Spurs, so even though having one championship banner puts them ahead of most NBA franchises, they’re actually the least successful NBA franchise in the Lone Star State.

The Dallas Cowboys are another story. The number of Super Bowls they have been to and won puts them among the NFL’s storied elite franchises, and their cultural impact transcends the sport, as even nonfootball fans might be spotted wearing Cowboys gear. Quite a few young boys hope to play for them some day, and a number of girls aspire to be their cheerleaders.

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