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Texas Toddler Survives Fall down Well After Grandfather Jumps in After Boy

Texas Toddler Survives Fall down Well After Grandfather Jumps in After Boy

A toddler was rescued by his grandfather after falling 30 feet into a private well in the town of Van, fire officials say.

Firefighters were called to the property Saturday morning after a cover over the water well crumbled and the boy fell in, they said.

“Fortunately his grandfather was nearby,” the Van Fire Department says in a Facebook post. “This brave citizen went down into the well after the boy, and was able to get him out.”

Both the boy and his grandfather were safe and sound when rescue crews arrived.

While neither of them suffered any serious injuries, fire officials noted the danger of such heroics.

“Please don’t attempt self rescue,” the post adds. “Bad air, crumbling walls, and the inability to get out only compounds the difficulty for the rescuers if you add another victim.”

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Women Shatter ‘Brass Ceiling’ to Seize 3 Top Law Enforcement Jobs in Dallas

Women Shatter ‘Brass Ceiling’ to Seize 3 Top Law Enforcement Jobs in Dallas

Dallas will soon be one of the first major cities to have a trio of women leading its top law enforcement agencies.

But all three hope that someday their gender won’t be news.

“This job is about skill. It’s about the ability to lead,” said Ulysha Renee Hall, Dallas’ future police chief. “I bring that. I don’t think it matters what gender I am.”

When she starts in September, Hall will be Dallas’ first female top cop. She joins Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez and Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson.

The sheriff knows what it’s like to be first. She was the first openly gay Latina sheriff in Texas when she was elected in 2004.

“Any time there is a first or a different, all eyes are on them,” Valdez said, “so the normal little mistakes that would normally be unnoticed will probably be noticed.”

But, Valdez pointed out, women are increasingly joining law enforcement.

When she started 40 years ago, “it was rare to see a woman out on patrol. … Now it’s not that uncommon anymore.”

The most important part is Johnson said she’s excited that the top three law enforcement officials, including her, are well-qualified.

“When you look at us three women, you’re looking at the fact you have three qualified, capable people,” Johnson said. “That’s what’s exciting. Not so much that we’re women but that we are capable people.”

Though female leaders in law enforcement aren’t unheard of, it’s less common for minority women to end up as police chief. Hall and Johnson are both black.

Hall has said there are benefits to having a woman as a leader.

“We kind of do it a little different, a little better, a little bit more nurturing by nature,” Hall said Wednesday after she was named Dallas’ next chief. “We add that special something to law enforcement that truly, truly calms that savage beast.”

The attitude in Dallas, where 80 percent of the police force is male, has generally been welcoming toward the new chief.

“I think they picked a very good candidate,” Dallas Police Association Michael Mata said after the announcement. “I think it’s great she happens to be a female.”

About a dozen women already hold high-ranking positions in the Dallas force as deputy chiefs and majors.

Even in smaller cities, more and more women are rising in the ranks.

When Susan Rockett was hired as the chief of public safety in Mexico, Mo., one of her interviewers asked whether the town was ready for a female chief.

That question was quickly countered by another resident who pointed to all the other women in charge in town.

“Most of us in our age bracket and our seniority everything we’ve ever done has been the first,” Rockett said.

She said she looks forward to a time when it’s no longer news to have a woman named as police chief. She has been chief for eight years and is the immediate past president of the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives.

She said she welcomes Hall to the ranks of female chiefs throughout the country and looks forward to the example she will set for women officers.

“This is her time to be the first,” Rockett said. “It’s that whole setting an example for those who come after you.”

Detroit Police Department

Those who monitor the status of women in law enforcement say Hall’s arrival in Dallas this September will send a powerful message.

“I’m not aware of any other cities that have these three top criminal justice law enforcement positions,” said Kathy Spillar, who co-founded the National Center for Women and Policing.

She said she hopes young women who are thinking of pursuing careers in law enforcement will see Hall’s position as a role to aspire to.

The center advocates adding more women to law enforcement’s ranks, citing research that shows female officers are viewed as more trustworthy because they appear more approachable than their male colleagues.

Statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice show only 2 percent of police officers in the 1970s were women, and most of them held clerical positions.

By 2013, the percentage of female officers had increased to 13 percent, the department said in a report.

“Many women encounter a ‘brass’ ceiling and are unable to rise to supervisory positions despite their qualifications,” the 2013 report said. “Many women do not even try to reach these positions because of fear of oppression from male coworkers.”

If a male fails in that position, he fails as an individual. If a woman fails in that position, it’s a reflection on all women.”

Many women still report harassment from those who don’t think they should hold those jobs, Spillar said.

Former Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor said Hall’s biggest challenges will be learning the responsibilities of a chief — even Castor was surprised by the burdens of the job when she made the jump — and learning a new department.

But Castor said being a woman comes with an extra challenge.

“If a male fails in that position, he fails as an individual. If a woman fails in that position, it’s a reflection on all women,” Castor said.

The Dallas district attorney said she’s ready for Hall to get to town so they can get to work.

“Our work will speak for itself,” Johnson said. “We have three people who can now represent Dallas County in such a way that the eyes of the world will see us and say, ‘Boy, they know how to do it down there in Dallas.’

“Not because we are women, but because we are people who are committed and dedicated to the work we have in front of us.”

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Important Things to Consider When Moving to Dallas, Texas

Important Things to Consider When Moving to Dallas, Texas

Very few things in life are quite as exciting as moving to a new city. When you relocate, there are always new restaurants to try, new experiences to have, and new places to explore. Of course, you need to be sure that the area you are moving to is a good fit for your lifestyle and your personality. If you are going to be moving to Dallas, Texas in the near future, here are some of the most important things to consider before you move:

1. What neighborhood do you want to live in? With a population of more than a million people, Dallas is an extremely large city with a diverse range of neighborhoods. Try to familiarize yourself with the different parts of the city so that you can determine which area you want to live in. Don’t forget to check out crime statistics for each neighborhood and to look at information on the local schools if you have children who are going to be attending school in the area.

2. How much money can you afford to spend? Your budget will largely dictate where you can live within the city. Some areas are definitely more expensive than others. Setting a monthly housing budget ahead of time can help you choose an area to live that is affordable and that won’t strain your finances.

3. What types of activities do you enjoy? Ideally, you should look for a house or apartment that is located close to activities that you enjoy. For instance, if you love dining out, you may want to look for a place to live that is located near restaurants or cafés.

If you are moving to Dallas, Texas, you should spend some time thinking about the neighborhood where you want to live. Doing research ahead of time can help you find the best part of the city for your lifestyle and your budget.

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